Sprinkler Blowout Testimonials And A Little Horn Tootin’

I appreciate all the sprinkler blowouts I get each year, and especially my repeat customers that go back almost 10 years.  You can be sure that your sprinkler blowout will be done by me personally or with the aid of my assistant each year, and not someone who isn't familiar with your sprinkler system.  When I pull in front of your home I remember where everything is from the year before.  (This may change with age, but for now, not a problem)

The Maintenance Shop is ranked #1 in the valley for sprinkler blowouts in Google, AOL, Yahoo!, Bing, and many others because we deliver top-notch customer service.  We are also ranked #1 for sprinkler blowouts in many other states as well which is great for those who live elsewhere but have homes here in the treasure valley.

I was in McDonald's a few weeks ago having a double-quarter pounder with cheese going over my sprinkler blowout list when a truck pulled in towing an air compressor.  Two guys got out, looked over and saw my rig pulling a compressor and came inside.  After they received their meal they came over to my table and asked if I was the owner of the other compressor in the parking lot.  I told them I was, and that I just stopped in to grab a quick bite and go over my list of blowout requests.  After noticing that I had several pages on the table, one of the gentlemen asked if they were all sprinkler blowout requests and I assured him it was.  In astonishment he asked how I got so many and I told him that I have a website ranked at the top of the search engines, he said, "Are you that Treasure Valley Repairs guy………?"  Apparently they have a website as well but are not getting the search engine traffic they need.  It sure is nice to be recognized by others in the same field.  🙂

My goal in sprinkler blowouts, and in all my home repairs, is to provide the best service I can.  If after you have had your sprinkler blowout you call me for another repair need during the year then I know I did my job.  If during the year you call on me for a repair request and then sign up for a sprinkler blowout, I know I did my job.

If you were pleased with the quality of your sprinkler blowout by all means comment on this post and let me know.  If you weren't happy for some reason I want to know that too.  All commenter's will be entered to win a free sprinkler blowout next year.

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    • Rich Telliho
    • December 23, 2010

    Prior to 2009 I used another area service for my sprinkler blowouts but he was getting a little pricey.  In 2009 I did my own with the help of my neighbor's compressor.  For my 2010 blowout I waited to see when my neighbor was going to do his and hoped I could get mine done at the same time.  Just before that big cold spell I found out that his compressor was down.  I called my previous sprinkler tech and he told me he was done for the year and was going elk hunting.  I checked out Steve's website and scheduled an appointment.  I was convinced that someone this tech savvy was going to be professional.  I wasn't disappointed.  He was right on time with ample notice of his arrival.  Job well done.  I'll be back next year!  Thanks Steve.

    • Russell
    • December 23, 2010

    AS always, you gave prompt and excellent service at a very good price. I plan to use your service every year!


    • Beverly
    • December 23, 2010

    Thanks for the prompt and good work.  Please send me a reminder for next year and I will definitely order a repeat of the same.

    • Dennis Meier
    • December 24, 2010

    Always a pleasure, Steve. It is so nice to deal with somebody so organized. (So many business seem to be stuck in the old telephone rut, which makes it hard to coordinate–and very inefficient.) 

    • Tracy Vance
    • December 27, 2010

    I have used Steve for the previous 3 years for my home and several rentals.  He has been very professional and timely.  Keep up the good work.

    • K. Campbell
    • October 11, 2011

    I met Steve quite by accident.  I lost the information for my old sprinkler blowout company and did a Google search for them.  I thought I had accessed their web site when in fact, I was on Steve's site.  It was my lucky day as my drain valve had froze 3 times in the last 3 years probably due to not getting the system blown out properly.  Each time it froze, I had to dig up my system and replace the valve.  What a mess.  I have not had the problem since Steve started blowing out my system.  He is very reasonably priced, great to work with and does a great job every time!  I would be glad to recomment him to anyone.

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