Working In Nampa On Sunday, October 30

I will be doing a few sprinkler blowouts in Caldwell that I wasn't able to finish yesterday, and then moving on to the Nampa 83686. I was unable to get to Nampa at all yesterday, which I am not surprised. Nothing against all renters, but 75% of the homes on my Caldwell list are rental properties, and from experience I have noticed many renters don't take the time to keep up the property they live at, and it makes it very difficult to find main shut-offs, valve boxes etc., when some of the backyards have grass and weeds that are two feet high…… Of course, there were a few rentals I visited yesterday that had immaculate yards. Once my current Caldwell list is finished, I will be heading over to the Nampa 83686 zip code, and working primarily in the area of Lakeview Park and Northwest Nazarene University. There are a LOT in the 83686, but hope to get about two thirds of them finished on this pass. Once I have been through all zip codes at least once, the remaining time in each zip code will be less and less as we go through them faster.

New requests are starting to slow down a bit where we are getting less new ones each day now than what we are completing. We have already surpassed the amount of sprinkler blowouts we completed on our list last year, and although we will get more cancellations, we also expect a few hundred more blowouts to come in this year. I haven't updated the stats page for a few days, but hope to get to it late this evening.

Tentative Schedule Change

We are already having to make a change to our tentative schedule, which I expected.  Big reason why we do not schedule appointments that we probably won't be able to keep.

So, here is the update:

  • Sunday, October 30 – Finish Caldwell and start on Nampa 83686 (Lakeview Park and Nazarene University area)
  • Monday, Halloween – Melba and Kuna
  • Tuesday, November 1 – Nampa 83687
  • Wednesday, November 2 – Nampa 83651
  • Thursday, November 3 – Boise 83712 (This should be the last zip code we haven't been to at least once this season) then Boise 83706
  • Friday, November 4 – Meridian 83646
  • Saturday, November 5 – Meridian 83642
  • Sunday, November 6 – Boise 83709
  • Monday, November 7 – Boise 83712 and Boise 83704

Again, this is subject to change.  Lots of variables to consider.


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    • Nancy Bondeson
    • October 30, 2016

    According of ur blog, u have already been to my neighborhood 83714, and have not done our sprinkkers. I do not see us for next week either. do I just need to be patient?


    9194 W. Ben St

    Bouse 83714

    1. Reply


      If you noticed, we were in Avimore and Hidden Springs, and if there was some time left that day we would do part of garden city, which we did. However, there are 40 blowouts in Garden City, which is more than can be done in a day

    • Cassie Srimoukda
    • October 30, 2016

    I see that you came to the 83686 area today. How will I know if you did our sprinklers today or not? Do you message us after you do them?

    1. Reply

      I was in the Nampa 83686 zip code today, but not in the area you are.  However, I did end up in some places I had no intention to be today because of some routing issues.  In answer to your question on how to know if your sprinkler blowout has been done is you will receive an invoice in your email as outlined in our terms of service, and most of the time if I haven’t run out for the day, you will receive a business card size notification in your door that it has been completed that looks like this:
      Your Sprinkler Blowout Is Complete

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