Sprinkler Blowouts For Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Two interesting things happened yesterday.  First, I went to do a sprinkler blowout at a home that the customer said it had already been blown out by a company that left a flyer on the door with a notice they would do it for a $30 check or $25 cash.  She left the cash, which mysteriously disappeared and her blowout wasn’t done.  When choosing a company for a sprinkler blowout, PLEASE contact a reputable company with a good track record, and be wary of those that have no online history.  Everything is so transparent nowadays it would be quite difficult not to find SOMETHING about a company online – good or bad…..

Second, a person who was sent a non-cancellation invoice for $25 because Jesse showed up to their property and found it had already been done, is refusing to pay their invoice.  I explained our late charge and lien policy as stated in the terms he agreed to, but he still said he wasn’t going to pay.  He also stated that I won’t pursue it because he can find no online record of us filing a lien on anyone before.  He is correct.  No one so far has been stupid enough to test me.  I have come as close as filling out the paperwork for a lien and then the invoice is paid, but I have yet to actually file one.  As I said earlier this season I had a feeling that would change this year.  Let’s hope not.  Yes, it costs me more than the invoice to file, but I am not responsible for those charges, the recipient is, so in actuality it doesn’t cost me a penny.  It might I guess if they choose not to pay it and screw up their credit for several years…….

We did pretty good on sprinkler blowouts yesterday, but could have done better if people had done as we suggested they do such as draining their backflows or filters.  One customer had removed all their valve box lids so the valves were exposed to the cold and froze.  We now have to wait for them to thaw, or thaw them ourselves before we can get to the good stuff underneath that has not frozen and won’t freeze for another month most likely.  DO NOT TAKE THE LIDS OFF YOUR VALVE BOXES – THE VALVES WILL FREEZE!

If all goes well we will finish the 83646 today and be ready to make a final sweep through the valley over Thursday and Friday.  There are a few that will need repaired before they can be blown out, but those will be done after the final sweep.  I believe there to only be 3 that need repaired.

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