Sprinkler Blowouts For Saturday, November 23, 2019

Yesterday we cleaned 53 off our blowout list for the 83642 which was more than a third of the entire list of the area.  Jacob made it out yesterday, as well as Jesse.  We had to replace 150 feet of hose on Jacob’s machine yesterday morning, so he got off to a late start but got his route finished.  Jesse got all but two of his.  One he couldn’t find and one had a locked gate.  My day didn’t go well at all.

First, I needed to repair two leaks on the hose for my machine, and in the process of cutting the old hose away, the blade slipped and decided it wanted to get a piece of my finger.  So, a few hours after some stitches and hose repair complete I started out on my journey.  After 2 blowouts the chain on my electric reel decided it needed a vacation and slipped off.  Of course, it does that when there is 200 feet of hose on the ground so I had to roll a 200 lb hose up by hand with one hand containing stitches that I almost tore out in the process.  I drove the compressor back to my shop and repaired the hose reel and wound up the hose again, and took off for my third blowout of the day.  I finished that blowout and the chain came off AGAIN.  So, AGAIN I had to roll up the hose by hand and head back to my shop and call it a day.  In the morning I am going to take the entire thing apart and hopefully fix it enough to get me through the remainder of our season.

We start an hour or so later in the morning when the temperatures get down to the high 20’s because air compressors aren’t fans of the cold and they work much better when it is above freezing.  It’s funny that all the piping in the ground is fine, but the machines needed to get the water out of said pipes don’t work as well when it’s cold.  Jacob’s machine doesn’t like to start in the morning without a fight even though we leave a heater going full blast inside all night.  After it gets warmed up it works great all day.

So, obviously I didn’t get very far on my route yesterday, so I am going to start there first and I have added some new streets for after.  I am not sure how long it will take to get my reel going properly, so I didn’t stack my day too heavily.  Below are the streets we will be visiting today.

Steve The Partial Mute (I got some of my voice back yesterday)
E Autumn Way
E Presidential Dr
N Caucus Way
N Truckee Pl
E Stonebridge Dr
E English Dr
E Congressional Dr
E Florence Dr
E Driftwood Dr
E Pine Bluff Dr
S Teddy Ave
E Girdner Dr
S Proud Way

W Gillette St
N Notel Creek Pl
N Clara Ave
W Santa Clara Dr
W Jayton Dr
N Keagan Way
N Haven Cove Ave
N Stucker Ave
Mineral Wells
N Abernathy Way
W Idaho CT
W Sunny Slope Dr
W Santa Clara Dr
W 8th St
W Washington St
S Woodhaven Ave
E Autumn Way

Gibson Way
S Marsh Wood Pl
E Shady Glade Dr
E Amalie Dr
E Whitespur St
S Marlow Way
E Forest Ridge
E Fallingbranch Ct
E Oakbrook Ct
S Bailey Way
E Time Zone Dr
2220 S Weimaraner Way
E Beagle
E Basenji St
S Labrador Place
E Peacock St
S Goldsmith Ave
S Blacksmith Pl
E Cayman Dr

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    • April
    • November 23, 2019

    Good morning! Your blog yesterday said you will be in 83642 on Friday and Saturday. Just want to see if you will be in the 83642 area beyond Sat? I haven’t seen my street name on your list, and I just want to make sure we’re actually on the schedule. Thanks! 😁

    1. Reply

      Yep, we have you on our list. The return date according to our calendar is Saturday, November 30. If all goes well today we should be able to finish the remaining 83642 blowouts on that day. It could even be Friday if the week goes well and we have some time available.

        • April
        • November 23, 2019

        Awesome, thank you!

    • Holly Fietsch
    • November 23, 2019

    Can you just confirm we are on your list fir 83646?

    1. Reply


    • Gary Hunsaker
    • November 23, 2019

    I haven’t seen our street name on your lists,along sure we are.Thanks

    1. Reply

      You won’t see your street name on our list until we are going to be on your street

    • Maryanne Sims
    • November 23, 2019

    Just want to confirm we are on your list. Thank you.

    1. Reply

      Your name and email address are not coming up in our system

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