Sprinkler Blowouts For Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Yesterday went quite smoother than what I expected.  We had three last-minute cancellations I scrambled to get off the route list before they were visited, so they could avoid a charge, (don’t forget you have to cancel at least 12 hours before we are to arrive at the property.)  How do you know when are going to arrive?  You don’t until the night before which is why once you no longer need service you cancel.  Don’t wait on us to send you a notice we are coming and then do it.  We still managed to get 80 sprinkler blowouts off our list for the Meridian 83646.  It didn’t make a very big dent, but we will be back in that zip code on Wednesday.

Today we will have all hands on deck in the Meridian 83642.  With just one day we should make a BIG dent in the 83642.  Currently, there are 125 in the zip code that hasn’t been done yet, and we hope to get 80 there today if all goes well.  Locked gates are still a problem, and we will make three attempts to do the blowout.  After that you get a trip charge invoice for $30.

Here are the routes for today:

Meridian 83642 – “Cyclone”

S Shimmering Way
S Barletta Way
Brigham Ave
E Mona Lisa Dr
E Argence St
S Barletta Way
E Pantanella Dr
E Deerhill Dr
S Overhill Way
S Glenmere Way
E Grayson St
S Highcliff Ave
S Marsala Ave
S Da Vinci Way
E Santo Stefano Dr
E Mount Etna Dr
E Santo Stefano Ct
E Ragusa St

Meridian 83642 – “Leroy”

N Rutledge Pl
N Clara Ave
W Dover Dr
Tasa Dr
W Gander Dr
W Honker Dr
W Waltman Ln
S Gull Cove Pl
S Riptide PL
E Amalie Dr
E Whitespur St
S Blackspur Way
SE 5th Way
E Lake Creek St
E Whiskey Flats St
E Sicily Dr
S Natural Way
S Cannon Way

Meridian 83642 – “Orange Julius”

S Brigham Ave
S Como Ave
E Mackay Ct
S Tagish Way
E Mastiff St
E Shepherd St
N Stonehenge Way
N Penrith pl
NW 3rd st
W 14th St
W Northgate Ave
S Jiovanni Ave
W Blue Downs St
W Bloomington Dr
E Pisa Dr
E Reflect Ridge Dr
E Vivid Sky Dr
E Adelaide St

Meridian 83642 – “Green Machine”

E Darlington Dr
S Montague Ave
E Romeo Dr
E Rome Dr
E Sicily St
S Leanato Ave
S Arno Ave
S Murlo Ave
S Murlo Way
E Oakbrook Ct
S Bailey Way
E Lake Creek St
S Glacier Bay
E Boardwalk Row
E Gannett Dr
E Ionia Dr

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    • Linda Burks
    • October 20, 2020

    Hi Steve –
    Do you have an idea how much longer it will be before you will be able to service us – the Nampa area?
    Linda Burks

    1. Reply

      Star/Middleton starts Monday and Canyon County starts Tuesday

    • Scott Leahy
    • October 20, 2020

    Many thanks to the team there at the Maintenance Shop. Another winter is ready to go for my sprinkler system.
    Thank you for your service, Steve from one Veteran to another!

    1. Reply

      I see that Zyad got to you this morning. Good deal. Hope to get 80 finished today in the 83642

    • Justin
    • October 20, 2020

    When will you be in Spurwing Heights (83646)? Thanks!

    1. Reply

      As our calendar shows, we will be in the Meridian 83646 tomorrow with four machines, and then again on Friday with two machines, then the following Thursday with one machine unless I can squeeze in another day before then. Other than that I don’t know what addresses will come up on the route until we run it the night before and then I let you know. Our highest priority is Meridian and Boise 83709 because they make up nearly 50% of all our blowouts.

    • Jessica Fowler
    • October 24, 2020

    I saw that on this date (10/20) you were on S.Montague Ave. I haven’t received an invoice that this was done. Anyway to know if mine was done on this day?

    1. Reply

      Jessica, I am going to have to investigate that in the morning with the technician that was on that route because I don’t show it being done. If I can verify that it hasn’t I will make sure it gets done on Monday by someone available after finishing their Star route.

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