Sprinkler Blowouts for Wednesday, October 21, 2020

We completed 81 sprinkler blowouts in the Meridian 83642 yesterday, which leaves us about 67 at the time of this writing.  Of course, that is going to change tomorrow when more requests come in.

A lot of people are freaking out because of the cold weather coming this weekend and the freezing temperatures at night for a few days.  As I say every year for all the “newbies”, ground temperature and air temperature are two different things.  Everything underground will be fine for quite some time yet.  HOWEVER, if you have a backflow preventer or a pump that is above ground it is best to follow the winterizing procedures as explained on our website.  Once winterized it will be fine while you are waiting on a sprinkler blowout.  If you have a backflow preventer below ground you can winterize that if you’d like, but it won’t be quite as crucial as those above ground.  Some with a PVB can actually wrap them in a towel and throw a bucket over the top of them as well.  Here is the link to the winterizing instructions.  Pick the image that most closely matches your device and follow the instructions. Winterizing Instructions

It boggles my mind why people with city water systems wait until they hear the weather is going to get cold before they sign up for service.  Especially in a flooded market that doesn’t have enough qualified technicians anyway……We received 123 new requests on Monday when the news of the weather conditions came out, and 135 new ones yesterday, and we still have an hour to go before midnight……

Anyway, here is the route for the Meridian 83646 route for today:

Meridian 83646 – “Cyclone”

N Whittier Pl
N Laughridge Ave
E Meadowwood Dr
N Devlin Ave
E Nikki Ct
E Challis St
N Centrepoint Way
E Van Oker St
E Swindell Dr
E Star Ln
E Swiftwater Ln
N Schubert Ave
N Park Crossing Ave
N Supai Ave
E Red Rock Dr
N Westone Ave
E Red Rock St
N Weston Ave
E Cornell Dr

Meridian 83646 – “Leroy”

N Glennfield Way
N Monaco Way
W McGlinchey St
W Radial Ct
W Newport Dr
NW 10th Ave
W Woodbury Dr
W Creekbury Dr
W Chateau Ave
Nw 13th St
Nw 12th Ave
NW 8th Ave
W Wrangler St
N Parkbury Ave
W Chrisfield Dr
N Voyager Ave

Meridian 83646 – “Orange Julius”

E Woodbury Dr
N Larchmont Ave
Arrow Wood Way
E Brown Bear Ct
E Woodbury Dr
E Cougar Dr
E Hawk St
E Baldwin st
E Wakely Ct
E Finch Creek St
N Timberfalls Pl
N Timberfalls Way
E Sharptail St
E Stormy Dr
E Kamay Dr
N Laughridge Ave
E Glenloch St
E Green Meadow Ct
E Meadow Wood St

Meridian 83646 – “Green Machine”

E Washakie St
N Weston Way
N Arrowwood Way
N Price Way
W Halpin St
W Wanda St
W Great Basin Dr
W White Sands Dr
N Rhodes Ave
N Frandon Ave
N Buckstone Ave
N Tallgrass Ave
W Brando St
W Deer Crest Dr
N Teresita Ave
W Archerfield Dr
N Arliss Ave
W Milazzo St

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    • Stacy
    • October 21, 2020

    If a request comes in for an address in a neighborhood you are already scheduled to be in that day, are they being added to the route or scheduled for another day?

    1. Reply

      Routes are done late the night before, so anything that comes in after that won’t be on the route and will be routed on the next trip. However, if you have signed up and we are on your street but you aren’t on our route, flag down our guy and let him know and it will be done. We call those off-street jobs and can attach it to the request you made. Hope that makes sense.

        • Stacy
        • October 21, 2020

        It looks like you are in my neighborhood today. I will keep an eye out. Thank you for the prompt response.

        1. Reply

          you won’t see them unless they are on your street, and they can’t deviate from their routes otherwise. there just won’t be enough time. they have to each get 20 done in a day

    • Sheila Carroll
    • October 21, 2020

    What about those if us that have been waiting a long time and signed up early. We live in Star and it isn’t fair to keep taking late ones in first.

    1. Reply

      We aren’t taking late ones in first. We haven’t done any in Star yet, and when we get there we will likely have some that signed up a month before we even started, and others the day before we get there. We aren’t going to go in the order received or we would be doing blowouts until May. Meridian makes up a 33% of out entire blowout season, with Star and all of Canyon county is 13% total. We are actually going to be a week ahead in Nampa because we were there last year on Halloween. With Star, we are only 3 days behind what we were last year, which is pretty darn good. And the fact we have done over 250 more blowouts this year so far than we did last year at this time.

    • Schuyler
    • October 21, 2020

    I’m also worried. I signed up a very long time ago (over a month) and you still haven’t been to Nampa. I check everyday and it sounds you like you are just adding more late signups in other areas. Our system is not very deep and it is freezing this week. It seems like you are taking on too much. I hope you get to Nampa before our pipes freeze.

    1. Reply

      Other signups have nothing to do with Nampa. Again, we don’t go in the order received or we wouldn’t get anything accomplished. We will be in Nampa next Tuesday and Wednesday, which is a week earlier than we were there last year. If you don’t want to wait, please use the cancellation link and you will be removed from our system. No hard feelings.

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