Sprinkler Blowouts For Friday, October 23, 2020

Well, folks, it was a LONG day yesterday, and I am exhausted from just sitting at my desk for 16 hours without much of a break.  I will say that it was a good day in Meridian’s 83646 blowout land.  We completed 87 blowouts yesterday.

We will only have 3 rigs out today, unfortunately, because one of our techs has a prior commitment.  I wish I was cleared by my doctor to go out in the field because I am really getting tired of living at my desk.  I may get behind from running a machine and have to do the routing, inputs, cancellations etc., but I would be out of this chair…..

Here are our routes for today in the Boise 83709.  I wish we could do more, but we will get back there to hit it hard in about a week if all goes well.  We have been having trouble getting the “Green Machine” started in the morning, but after it warms up it runs all day without issues.  I am many things, but not a mechanic, so I am clueless of what is wrong with it.

Boise 83709 – “Leroy”

W Norristown St
W Camas Dr
W Lewisburg Ct
W Alejandro St
W Red Maple Ct
W Red Maple Dr
S Thoreau Way
S Scranton Way
Tio Leo
S Peppercon Pl
S Canonero Way
S Petra Ave
S Owl Ridge Ave
W Geronimo Ct
W Roan Meadows Dr
S Chieftain
Terra Dr
W Verde Dr

Boise 83709 – “Green Machine”

S Staaten Ave
S Dolomite Way
W Berghan St
W Medalist Dr
S Moonfire Way
S Loughs Way
S Plumbdale Ave
W Leland Way
W Moonlight Dr
W Silverbirch St
S Silverhills lane
S Metallic Way
S Chex Way
W Snohomish
S Rawhide Ave
Arrowhead Wy
S Maverick Way
Sundance Dr

Boise 83709 – “Orange Julius”

W Danbury St
S Chinook Ave
W Colt Dr
S Maverick Ave
S Cole Rd
W Chilacot Dr
W Old Country Ct
W Coho Dr
W Skylight St
S Light Horizon Way
W Morning Ct
W Estrella Dr
W Bright Star
S Solar Way
W Corona Dr
S Lone Tree Way
S Moon Pl
W Stirrup Ct

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    • Melinda Rivera
    • October 23, 2020

    I know you are all working so hard! I guess I feel a little disappointment that I have been on the list since August and thought for sure my sprinklers would be blown out by the first big frost. Being with you for 5+ years I know how your system works! Knowing that my zip code is being done today put me at ease… until I saw I wasn’t on it 😔. Here is to putting on my patience pants because I know how hard you and your team are trying. Stay well out there!

    1. Reply

      Hey Melinda. Appreciate your patience. Our routing software puts a really tight route together based on active requests starting at our office in Meridian as a base. I put in how many I want, (usually 80 addresses, but only 60 today because we have a technician out today.) and then I divide them up with the technicians. We will get to you soon, I promise. Your system design will be fine in the cold that is coming up anyway.

    • Wayne Euzukonis
    • October 23, 2020

    Keep up the great work, I would like to remind everyone better to wait and get it done right than to have someone use too high a pressure and damage your valve box (which happened to me). You are scheduled to be in 83651 on Tuesday or Wednesday, is that correct? Thanks and God Bless

    1. Reply

      Hi Wayne. If all goes well we hope to finish our current list in Nampa on Tuesday and Wednesday next week. I am sure we will get more after that, but we will be making other passes around the valley. We are up 289 complete from this time last year.

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