Sprinkler Start-Ups, Repairs, And More Start April 1

General Repairs And Other Info

We are gearing up to start our spring and summer lawn repairs on April 1.  We will continue with our general repairs as well but will schedule them by priority.  Our primary objective for April is sprinkler start-ups, backflow tests, and lawn aerations. We will work on window and patio screens in the evening in our shop as we always do year-round.  Blog updates will be made daily until the spring rush is complete with start-ups, backflow tests, and lawn aerations. After that, we will schedule all jobs personally based on the seriousness of the repair.  For instance, flooding sprinkler pipes will take priority over a sprinkler head replacement. A leaking water heater will take priority over a sprinkler timer replacement, etc. If you need to cancel any of the services you have signed up for, use this link: Cancel Service See below for more information on services:

Now Hiring!

Jesse left us after 7 years of working with us to try new things.  We are still trying to get him back, but we need more people anyway due to our tremendous growth that seems non-stop. The more skills in home and sprinkler repair the better since we get busy quite quickly, and don’t have a lot of time to train, but we can’t expect everyone to know what it took 30 years for me to accomplish, and we still learn more all the time.  Visit our employment page for more information: Employment

The Maintenance Shop is hiring

Sprinkler Start-Ups

To sign up for sprinkler start-up service, please use this link: Sprinkler Start-Up

We are be beginning sprinkler start-ups and backflow tests on April 1 for those who are on city or well water.  Pressurized irrigation and pump start-ups will begin as soon as the majority of water is running in the valley.  Start-ups and backflow tests will be coordinated according to zip codes as we do for our sprinkler blowouts so we can reach more customers in an orderly fashion.

When filling out our form for a sprinkler start-up choose the package with the service you need carefully.  For example, I can’t tell you how many times we get a request for a “Package A” which is for only turning on the system, and are asked while we are there “Aren’t you going to check the sprinkler heads?” That is “Package B” which isn’t what was chosen.  It causes us a lot of issues because we schedule the jobs in accordance with the package chosen and estimation on how long it will take.  When more services are added, it messes up our schedule, and we may not have certain parts we might need.

Any major repairs such as broken sprinkler lines, backflow replacements, main and drain leaks, etc, will be scheduled after we get the majority of the sprinkler systems started.  There are usually much less call for major repairs than start-ups and simple head replacements, so we want to get to as many of them as possible before we start major repairs.

Lawn Aeration & Overseeding

We like to plan our lawn aerations around the middle of April and then again in the middle of September.  Also, it is best if water is running to your sprinkler system so that your lawn can be watered the night before for better penetration during the aeration.  This is especially important if you have highly compacted soil.  For those who request overseeding, it will need to be watered again after the overseeding is complete.  We will give you a heads up no later than the day before we are to arrive so that you can clean up any obstacles that might impede the use of the aerator, unlock gates, and water your lawn if needed.  If you don’t want to wait until your water is on send me an email or text and we can try to accommodate you. If you would like to request lawn aeration use this link: Lawn Aeration

Backflow Testing

Backflow testing is required annually by state law.  Any backflow preventers we find without a current test tag have to be reported to the authority having jurisdiction.  (Meridian Water, Suez, Capital Water, etc. )

The water has to be on at least up to your backflow preventer for it to be tested.  If you want us to turn on the water and do the test, use our Sprinkler Start-Up form and choose “Package C”.  The cost will be $55.  If you can turn your water on yourself, then the cost is $30 for the test. Those who are in need of a backflow test ONLY please use the backflow test request form located here: Backflow Request Form

Miscellaneous Repairs

Other repairs such as dryer vent cleanout, fence repair, and other repairs not associated with sprinkler systems will be addressed as well based on urgency.  Window screens can be brought to us at any time.  We generally repair them in the evenings after our regular workday is complete.

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    • Judy Fisher
    • March 26, 2021

    We will miss Jesse! He has helped us many times. I hope you get him back!

    1. Reply

      Me too, but not looking good at this point. Sad because I was training him to one day take over the business when I am ready to retire in about 10 years or so. Now I have to start all over again.

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