Sprinkler System Start-ups And More Begin April 5, 2021

We tied up most of our loose ends Friday or at least ones that couldn’t wait.  We have a water heater to replace this weekend in a vacant apartment that I wasn’t expecting.  Normally we could put it off a few days, but with about 300 sprinkler start-ups to do over the next 2 weeks or so there would be no time.  Durning sprinkler start-ups, as we do with blowouts, we don’t take on any other work in the field at that time other than backflow tests.  We take care of our screen repairs in the evenings in my shop.  Any major repairs on sprinkler systems will be taken care of after the majority of start-ups are done.

If you are on pressurized irrigation let me know when the water will be flowing to your area so we can get those areas scheduled

Sprinkler Start-Up Sign-Up Issues

We are STILL getting sign-ups for Packages that do not match what is put in the notes.  We have received several sign-ups with these issues:

  • Choosing Package A which is turn on ONLY and telling us where all their valve boxes are, timer location, garage code, etc.  We do not need that information for Package A.
  • Choosing Package C which is a turn on and backflow test, and they are on irrigation and do not have a backflow, or they give us garage codes, valve box locations, etc. when it is for a turn on ONLY and a backflow test.
  • Choosing Package D which is turn on and minor adjustments and a backflow test, and they are on irrigation and do not have a backflow
  • Choosing Package B for turn-on and minor adjustments, but they have a backflow preventer which should be a Package D.

This REALLY messes with our schedule and makes it more difficult to reach everyone in a timely manner.  Please recheck your information and email or text us for any changes.  This needs to be done as quickly as possible.

Sprinkler Start-Ups

Jacob and I will be working on start-ups and backflow tests in Boise 83716 on Monday.  This will be for those on city or well water only until pressurized irrigation is up and running.  Any leftover that we do not reach will be done Tuesday and will add the 83712 at that time.

The plan is to be in Meridian on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday but will have more information when we start our daily updates.

Backflow Testing

For those who signed up for backflow testing only, they will be worked in with the sprinkler start-ups for the zip code(s) we are in for that particular day.  Keep in mind if your water is not on at the time we arrive to do the backflow test, we can turn it on but it then becomes a Package C which is explained on our sprinkler start-up page and will be charged accordingly.

Lawn Aeration

Our tentative date for starting lawn aerations will be April 19.  We want to make sure water is available to water lawns before and after aeration so you get the most benefit from the job. We currently have about 50 or so, which I hope we can get knocked out within that week, but we’ll see.  We can always start again with them the following Monday.

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    • Imajean HETHERINGTON
    • April 5, 2021

    I need to upgrade from Package B to Package D for my sprinkler start up.

    1. Reply

      Thanks for the info. I have updated your request.

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