We Repair Leaking Roof Vents And Do Other Roof Repairs!

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"The Maintenance Shop replaced 10 plastic roof vents on our house after we noticed water coming through our kitchen ceiling. The entire job was under $300.00 which was well worth the investment."

Lori B. - Garden City, Idaho
(Taken from a review at the Better Business Bureau on .5/08/2013)

"We heard a noise in our ceiling and found a squirrel loose in our attic. It had fallen through one of the vents on our roof. Steve and crew found other vents leaking into our garage attic and changed them all in about 45 minutes. Thanks to The Maintenance Shop for a job well done"

David M. - Boise, Idaho. (Taken from a review at the Better Business Bureau on 06/07/2011)

"We found The Maintenance Shop while they were replacing roof vents on our neighbors house. They inspected our vents and told us they were all intact with no viewable damage. We are afraid of heights, so we really appreciated their honesty since we couldn't inspect them ourselves. The cost to replace the plastic ones with metal was so reasonable we had them do the job anyway for piece of mind."

Tina S - , Meridian, Idaho (Taken from an Email Testimonial Request)

Roof Vent Repair

Leaking Roof Vents

Cracked Plastic Roof VentIf plastic roof vents were installed when your home was built chances are the vents are cracked or warped from exposure to the elements and water is leaking into your attic which will eventually leak into the interior of your home. Most notice water damage on the ceiling inside their home before they have the roof vents checked. If you find one is leaking, it is a good bet the others are as well and should be replaced.

 Any water damage to the insulation is evident once the roof vent is removed. The roof vent damaged in the picture was from continual exposure to heat and cold which made the plastic brittle. The holes were caused by hail. We have seen them so brittle that a squirrel that walked across one fell through and into the attic unable to excape.

Don't wait until water damage occurs to replace your plastic vents. Preventative maintenance is always the best choice.

Gutter And Downspout Repair

Gutter And Downspout Repair

Clogged gutters can cause roof, fascia, and soffit damage. Water can run down the outside of glooged gutters and downspouts causing siding damage as well. We can clean your gutter for you, and and any repairs needed to the gutters and downspouts.

Fascia Repair

Fascia Repair

The fascia is what your gutters are fastened to,and is the trim along your roof line. Fascia can become damaged from sun and rain over a period of time. The most common cause of fascia damage is gutters that haven't been cleaned properly allowing water to penetrate it. We can repair or replace your fascia.

Locks Installed

Soffit Repair

The soffit is the area under the eaves (where your roof overhangs the house). Water that has penetrated the roof material can work its way down and settle in the soffit. This may go un-noticed until physical damage such as rotting or warping has occurred.

roof leaks

Roof Leaks

After a period of time, the sealant used to keep rain away from the underlayment of the roof can crack and break away. The most common locations for this are skylights, plumbing vents, and rangehood or bath fan vents, and where flashing has been damaged. The Maintenance Shop can repair these leaks for you.

Plumbing Vent Repair

Plumbing Vent Repair

The rubber boot around plumbing vents deteriorate over time from being exposed to the elements. It is especially common problem in the Treasure Valley because of the intense heat and cold fluctuations. Our friendly neighborhood squirrels are known to actually chew on the rubber as well. We can replace them for you.

Mailbox Lock

Skylight Repair

Skylights are another great source for leaks into your home. The seals around them can deteriorate with age and weather conditions. We can repair the leaks fairly easily without taking them apart if caught quickly, but can be taken apart and sealed if not.