What Elizabeth Had To Say!

Steve just blew out my sprinklers. Two other vendors failed in the 24 hours prior to this. Steve is smart, has years of experience and most importantly, patience to figure out a less than straightforward issue. And he was no more expensive than anyone else. AND I paid someone who showed up and failed just an hour prior who told me it wasn't doable and that I had wasted his time. I adore Steve. I will be calling him again.

testimonialsElizabeth R. | Boise, Idaho

What Dennis Had To Say!

Before finding The Maintenance Shop, I dreaded annual chore of lining somebody up to blow out the sprinklers. I would call, play phone tag a bit, and then finally connect with somebody to arrange a date. The Maintenance Shop spares me the ordeal: I get notifications of when blowouts are to be performed, I can sign up by e-mail, and I can pay my bill via PayPal. I heartily endorse The Maintenance Shop as one of the still-too-few service providers who understand how to save customers time by using modern communication tools.

testimonialsDennis M. | Boise, Idaho

What Christine Had To Say!

I have relied upon Steven Crist and The Maintenance Shop for several years for jobs at my primary residence as well as a rental property. He's reliable and follows through on everything he's done for me, from yearly sprinkler system maintenance all the way up to repairing several broken lines, replacing the timer and installing a new power supply in the garage. He's the first person I call when something goes wrong and I need help. I trust him completely.

testimonialsChristine W. | Boise, Idaho

What Gary Had To Say!

If you are looking for an excellent an honest person to work on any project in your home, you have found it if you bring your problems and projects to the Maintenance Shop. I had an installation problem in my kitchen and Mr. Crist made the repairs and did not leave until I was 100% satisfied that everything was working fine. He and his assistant know what they are doing and are easy to work with.

testimonialsGary M. | Boise, Idaho

What Christy Had To Say!

Wow!!! Awesome service at a low cost. I have used this company several times for handyman services. I always get great customer service and a job well done. It is nice to know that businesses like this still exist!! Thanks to....The Maintenance Shop!

testimonialsChristy. B. | Star, Idaho

What Keith Had To Say!

Steve Crist is one of a dying breed, that is, a man of his word & prompt. That itself would go a looooong way in the repair world. He'll look at the job, tell you what it takes to accomplish it and stick to it. Without his saying so, he's honest and capable; a very good combination.

testimonialsKeith L. | Boise, Idaho

What Glenda Had To Say!

If you are in need of some help with that problem around the house - these are the guys to call. I had an electrical problem with my rental house that I had another guy try to fix but he couldn't find the problem. Steven Crist didn't give up! He followed it through until he found the issue and fixed it. Great work!!!

testimonialsGlenda L. | Kuna, Idaho
Handyman Repairs We Do

Reasons Why The Treasure Valley Likes The Maintenance Shop for Handyman Services!

  • Licensed and insured exceeding Idaho State requirements!
  • 35+ years in the repair industry with 20 years in the Treasure Valley!
  • Over 10,000 work orders completed in the Treasure Valley!
  • Ranked #1 in Google for Sprinkler Blowouts in the Treasure Valley with over 15,000 blowouts completed!
  • One call does it all! We cover more types of repairs than anyone else in the Treasure Valley!
  • Satisfied customers that keep coming back to us. Many we have had for 15 years or more!
  • Less expensive than the handyman franchises!

Our Mission

"Provide quality services at a reasonable price"

If you have questions about any of the services we provide, just give us a call at 208-713-3170 or use the button below to send us an email.

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Our Most Requested Handyman Services!

This only only a portion of what we do!

Custom Services: While our products are designed and intended to be for the do-it-yourselfer, if you need a head start, we can get help!

Locksmithing Services
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Installation, repair, and rekeying residential locks. Holes drilled for deadbolts. We also work on mailbox locks, install cabinet locks, and do automotive and home lockouts! More ››

Sprinkler System Repairs And Sprinkler Blowouts
Image Replacement

We can turn on your sprinkler system in the spring, repair sprinkler heads, valves, timers, and leaking lines. We can blow out your sprinklers in the fall.More ››

Window And Patio Screen Repair

We can rescreen or rebuild your window and patio screens as well as install screen doors, storm doors, and garage screens. If you would like to screen in your porch or deck we can do that as well.More ››

Dryer Vent Cleanout
Site Setup

More than 13,000 fires occur each year because of lint clogged dryers and dryer vents. We have found them clogged with bird and mice nests as well. We can clean your vent and your dryer, as well as do any needed repairs.More ››

Leaking Roof Vents
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If you have water coming into your home when it rains, the cause is most commonly a damage roof or plumbing vent, or a skylight. We can inspect your vents and determine whether they need replaced or not. If you have plastic roof vents, they should be changed to metal to help prevent future leaks.More ››

Miscellaneous Repairs
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We install doors and windows, install tile in your bathroom, paint, install baseboards and trim, fix your computer, pressure wash your house, garage floor, or driveway, and much more! If you would like more information about our services call 208-713-3170 or fill out our contact form.Contact Form ››


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"If the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy."

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