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Lawn Aeration Terms Of Service

Updated 27 February 2022

I understand and agree that:

  1. "The Maintenance Shop" cannot schedule appointments for lawn aerations.
  2. By filling out the lawn aeration form I am requesting lawn aeration on the property listed on the form.
  3. I understand the cost of lawn aeration is based on lot size, not the grass area needing aerated, and pricing is as follows: 0 - .25 acres: $50; .26 - .50 acres: $88; .51 - .75 acres: $125.00; .76 - 1.00 acres: $170
  4. I understand the cost of overseeding is based on lot size, not the grass area needing overseeding, and pricing is as follows: 0 - .25 acres: $40; .26 - .50 acres: $70; .51 - .75 acres: $100; .76 - 1.00 acres: $130
  5. If I have checked the box for text message updates, I am responsible for any data charges that may occur from my service provider.
  6. I will receive a notification the night before by email and/or text the aeration technician is schedule to arrive at my property.
  7. It is my responsibility to make sure my texts and emails are working correctly for text and email updates, and The Maintenance Shop is not responsible for missed emails or texts, emails that go to a junk folder or didn't arrive in my inbox, or texts that do not go through.
  8. If I am not at home at the time of the lawn aeration, "The Maintenance Shop" will attempt to do the lawn aeration in my absence.
  9. I will make sure to pick up items in my yard that could hinder the operation of the aeration technician including toys, hoses, lawn furniture, gardening equipment, etc., before the technician is scheduled to be at my property.
  10. I will make sure that animal feces is picked up from the areas needing lawn aeration.
  11. I will make sure there is clear passage through gates or other access points before the aeration technician is scheduled to be at my property.
  12. I am responsible for any and all costs incurred for misinformation given on my lawn aeration form, whether it be incorrect phone number, email, address or other important information.
  13. If the technician is unable to do the lawn aeration upon arrival due to locked gates, dogs, or other issues under line #7 of these terms The Maintenance Shop will make one additional attempt or visit at another time to provide the lawn aeration service. I understand that if upon the second attempt to do the lawn aeration is unsuccessful I will be charged the normal cost of the lawn aeration service even if it was not completed.
  14. If the technician is turned away upon arrival for any reason it will be considered a non-cancellation and the non-cancellation fee will be charged.
  15. If I am a renter, I am responsible for all charges related to the service requested, and that non-payment could result in legal action, where I will be responsible for all legal fees and costs associated with the filing and my current balance due.
  16. I must check the blog at daily if I wish to know what day "The Maintenance Shop" will arrive at my property for the lawn aeration. 
  17. If I am not at home at the time of service, an invoice will arrive at the email address I listed when I signed up for the service. 
  18. I can cancel my request, but must notify "The Maintenance Shop" of my cancellation by filling out the cancelation form located at this link: " Cancel My Lawn Aeration", and must do so at least 12 hours before The Maintenance Shop has posted, emailed, or texted they will be in my area,  or shows up at my property, or face a $30 non-cancellation trip charge. Furthermore, if I have not cancelled, and The Maintenance Shop shows up at my property and I no longer want or need the service, I will be charged $30. The maximum amount I will be charged for either scenario is $30 total. I also understand the time the cancellation form is submitted is automatically recorded.
  19. Payment is due at time of service if I am home during the lawn aeration. Otherwise, payment is due upon receipt of the invoice in my email.
  20. Unless prior arrangements have been made and agreed to by The Maintenance Shop, payment for my lawn aeration service, trip charge, or any other items invoiced, must be received within 15 days of the date of service or a mechanical lien could be placed on my property at the discretion of The Maintenance Shop, and additional fees will be added for late charges, handling, costs incurred, etc., and possible filing in small claims court. In addition, a late charge of $5.00 will be added if my invoice is not paid within 15 days of the service date.