Window & Patio Screen Repairs

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"The Maintenance Shop has been taking care of the window screens of our rentals for several years. We drop them off to save money, and depending on the amount of damage they are ready to pick up within two days."

Shane R.
(Taken from a review at the Better Business Bureau on 04/20/2013)

"Steve was awesome and took care of my problem quickly and efficiently. Will definitely use him in the future and highly recommend to all the other unhandy people out there!"

Kimberly M. (Taken from a review at the Better Business Bureau on 06/18/2016)

"Our dogs tear up our screens a few times a year, so Steve suggested pet screen, which has helped save us money in the long run because it has held up to their claws so far"

Mark M. (Taken from a review at the Better Business Bureau on 06/12/2014)

Window & Patio Screens

Window & Patio Screen Repair

The Maintenance shop can repair or replace the damaged window or patio screens in your home. If your window screen frames are missing or damaged, we can build you new ones at your home or you can use our drop-off screen repair service and bring your screens to us that you can pick up later which will save you a trip charge.

Torn ScreenSun Damaged ScreenBent Screen

If you have a particular issue related to screens, storm doors, patio screens, etc., that isn't listed here, let us know. You can contact us at 208.713.3170 with voice or text, or use our contact form.


Window Screen Frame Color

Window Screen Frame

We primarily work with white, mill, and bronze screen frame in either 5/16" or 7/16" frame, but we can get other sizes and colors as needed. If your screen frame is bent or broken, we can replace the damaged section and rescreen your screen.

If you would like a custom color, we can have a color made up in an aeresol and spray the frames to match.

Pet Screen Mesh

Pet Resistant Screen

Pets can cause a lot of damage to window and patio screens in a very short time. If you screens have been clawed, scratched, or torn by your pets, we can rescreen them with a product that is designed to be seven times stronger than a standard insect screen, resisting damage from the clawing and scratching of cats and dogs, and will still provide excellent protection from insects while maintaining outward visibility.

Contact us to install a pet resistant screen on your windows, doors, and patios, and save money on repeat screen repair.

Screened Porch

Custom Made Porch Screen

Would you like to enjoy your semi-enclosed porch during the summer months and not have to deal with mosquitos, yellow jackets, and other flying insects? We can build a screen enclosure for you that you can leave up permanently, or one you can take down during the winter months and store.

Wooden Window Screens

Custom Made Wood Screen Frames

We can repair or rebuild wooden window screens out of pine, oak, cedar, or any other type of wood, and paint or stain them as needed

Garage Door Screen

Garage Door Screen Installation

A garage screen is great for those who wish to use garage space for a workshop or recreational area. We can custom measure, order, and install one for you.

Screen Doors

Screen And Storm Door Repair or Replacement

We can rescreen your screen door as long as the framing is intact. If the storm door on your home is in disrepair, needs a new closer, or has broken, we can fix or replace the storm door for you.