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Request A Sprinkler System Start-Up

Sprinkler System Start-Up And Repairs

We do sprinkler start-ups, adjustments, and repairs

We start our sprinkler start-up services and repairs in the middle of March for those who have city water sprinkler systems. We encourage customers on city water sprinkler systems to contact us as early as possible to get their water turned on and get their sprinkler systems repaired if needed. It is better to have your system ready for the season before it is needed than after the season has started and there is a possible backlog. This is especially important if there are major repairs needed such as broken lines, backflow preventers that need replaced, etc.

Our sprinkler system start-ups can be as minimal as preparing your backflow for the season and turning on the water and checking for leaks, or a full service which includes head adjustments, and setting the timer for spring operation. We can also repair or replace sprinkler heads, find leaks and repair broken lines, repair or replace the electronic valves, add hose bibs to your sprinkler system, repair main water valves and backflow preventers.

Please use the form below to sign up for a sprinkler system start-up only. If you are looking for a sprinkler blowout, please use this form.

Spring can be hectic due to the amount of requests we receive, so if you call us, be prepared to leave us a message with your phone number so we can return your call. You may also text us, but the form below needs to be filled out for us to turn on your sprinkler system so we do not lose you in our list.

Sprinkler system start-ups tend to go much faster than sprinkler blowouts, and we only get a fraction of start-ups compared to sprinkler blowouts, but even then we can run into system issues which could slow down our daily progress.

Make sure to check ourblogevery morning to know what area we are going to be in for the day. We will also send text notifications the night before for those who sign up for them. Email updates may be sent periodically during the start-up season. The link to ourblogcan be found in the navigation menu at the top of this page. Sprinkler system start-up pricing is located on the form below.

If you wish to cancel your sprinkler start-up, click here.

Click here to review our terms of service for sprinkler system start-ups.

sprinkler System Services we offer

Click Here To Sign Up For A Sprinkler BlowoutClick on the box above to get to our sign-up page where you can fill out our form for a sprinkler blowout. Due to the large number of blowouts we receive as well as the liability concerns, we take online sign-ups only.

Our Packages and Pricing

Package A: Turn sprinkler system on ONLY (NO REPAIRS OR ADJUSTMENTS): $30
Package B: Package "A" plus make minor adjustments to heads if needed and setting sprinkler timer to spring operation if available at time of service: $50 for 1-5 zones, and $5 per additional zones. (NO REPAIRS)
Package C: Package "A" plus backflow test: $40
Package D: Package "B" plus backflow test: $95 for 1-5 zones, and $5 per additional zones

Start-Up Service Does Not Include Parts Or Repairs

If the form is not visible, we are no longer taking startup requests, but we can still work on your system. Text us at (208) 713-3170