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"I have used Steve for the previous 3 years for my home and several rentals.  He has been very professional and timely.  Keep up the good work."

Tracy V. (From Our Blog)

"When you need help - because there's always something - call Steve. He's meticulous, honest and fair all the way around. He tackled a sprinkler system fix this year, persistently and over the course of several visits he found and fixed all the problems. He did everything and kept me well informed along the way - changed out valves, dug up stuff that needed to be unearthed, corrected a horrible wire job that the previous installers had done, installed a new controller box in the garage and ran a new outlet, too! And if he's not "the guy" he knows "the guy" who can do it."

Chris W. (From Our Facebook Page)

"Steve does amazing work. I had him blow out my sprinklers and then started having him do other things for me. He is honest, reliable, and competent! I would recommend him to anyone with a house or yard!"

Stacey S. (From Our Facebook Page)

"Steve spent the time last year to work with me to restart the archaic irrigation system that came with my house in the North End of Boise. After years of laying idle, Steve brought back to life our irrigation system. We coordinated work over numerous days and I provided most of the labor in order to save costs. He and his crew and a pleasure to work with and saw my job through to the end."

Pat W. (From Our BBB Page - 06/02/2015)

"I have worked with Steve on several projects over the years and he has always been very dependable. You can tell he always cares about the quality of the work he does, and will always make sure the customer is happy before he leaves."

Seth N. Property Management, Southern Idaho Region, Great Floors

"Just wanted to thank you for doing such a great job! Our new carpet looks grat and was done at over 40% less than the nearest competitor! Your team was efficient and did stellar work. The rest of the repairs were completed ahead of schedule and below budget. I cannot thank you enough for helping us turn this property!"

Andy P. - Porelli LLC

"Steve was quick to come out and help and did a great job at fixing something my husband couldn't. Great pricing and great service."

Lindsey D. - Boise, Idaho (From Our Facebook Page)

"We were visiting a relative and found that the hall toilet hadn't worked properly in six months. Steven was here and helped us with our secret surprise and made a very special Christmas visit for all to remember. the price was very affordable and Steven was helpful with other problems for a further visit in the future. Thank you Steven, we will be calling your again."

D. Irick - Idaho Falls, Idaho

"Steve and Co. did excellent work in fixing and improving our sprinkler valve system in a very timely manner. Would definitely recommend to others. Thanks!"

Kyle R. - Boise, Idaho (From Our Facebook Page)

TestimonialsI met Steve quite by accident. I lost the information for my old sprinkler blowout company and did a Google search for them. I thought I had access their web site when in fact, I was on Steve's site. It was my lucky day as my drain valve had froze 3 times in the last 3 years probably due to not getting the system blown out properly. Each time it froze, i had to dig up my systeme and replace the valve. What a mess. I have not had the problem since Steve started blowing out my system. He is very reasonably priced, is great to work with, and does a great job every time!

Since I met Steve, he has helped me with several projects inside my house. Steve rearranged his schedule to replace my hot water heater when I called him in a panic because it was shooting water all over my garage, he reset my kitchen sink and worked on my dishwasher. He very reliable, does stellar quality work and doesn't charge an arm and a leg. I'm a single mom and very comfortable with him in my home. I've never had to call him back to fix something he worked on, he does the job right the first time. I would be glad to recommend him to anyone.Quotes

Kim C. - Garden City, Idaho

TestimonialsPrior to 2009 I used another area service for my sprinkler blowouts but he was getting a little pricey.  In 2009 I did my own with the help of my neighbor's compressor.  For my 2010 blowout I waited to see when my neighbor was going to do his and hoped I could get mine done at the same time.  Just before that big cold spell I found out that his compressor was down.  I called my previous sprinkler tech and he told me he was done for the year and was going elk hunting.  I checked out Steve's website and scheduled an appointment.  I was convinced that someone this tech savvy was going to be professional.  I wasn't disappointed.  He was right on time with ample notice of his arrival.  Job well done.  I'll be back next year!  Thanks Steve.Quotes

Rich T. - Meridian, Idaho

TestimonialsJust want to say thanks to Steve and The Maintenance Shop again for the awesome work. In these days of often unreliable handyman services (and we have had a few bad experiences with other companies) we luckily found this company for getting things fixed at the house. Steve with The Maintenance Shop has simply excelled in performance and genuine interest in doing a good job. I would have to say the advice we have received has been top notch and has save us thousands – he has decades of experience and it shows. We have called him in emergencies and other times with very short notice to get things fixed and we have always been very happy with the outcome and the price. We had used Steve and The Maintenance Shop for a bunch of things (painting, sprinklers work and blowouts, appliance repair, replaced sinks, window screen repair, installing new carpet, adding smoke alarms, built raised garden boxes and rekeying house – among other things). We are going to continue to use Steve and would recommend him for anything you need fixed. Quotes

Marc M. - Meridian, Idaho

TestimonialsWe have known Steve for 20 years. He has done numerous jobs for our family. He even made a trip up to McCall to some some maintenance work in our condo. He gave it a wonderful coat of paint, and fixed a Jacuzzi tub that hadn't worked in some time. When he fixed the tub, he noticed that the 15 year old water heater was leaking slightly. Upon further examination, it was evident that the bottom had rusted out. Had he not caught that, we probably would have had a disastrous flood, especially if it happened while we were not there. He was able to get a new heater tank in a timely manner, and expertly installed it.

At our home in Meridian, Steve has helped with our sprinkler system, rekeyed some locks, done some electrical work and been oru go-to guy when we are having computer problems. Steve is an all aroud handyman, and whenever we need help, he is who we call because we know we can depend on him and his work. Quotes

The Carlsen and Stanger families - Meridian, Idaho

TestimonialsIf you want something done right the first time, Steve is the one for the job. His experience is not all talk, and in property management, that's hard to come by. Extremely thorough, detail-oriented and fair with his pricing, Owners and employees alike can find value in his services. His versatility with skills, from proficiency in maintenance turns upon move-outs, to immediate responsiveness to emergency calls for plumbing and heating issues, make him a true PROfessional. Having pride in his work and raising the bar for quality workmanship, I'd highly encourage other professionals to utilize his company's services since there are few others to come close to his performance standards. Quotes

Regina M., Director Of Property Management, Capital Property Management, Inc.