Sprinkler Blowouts For Friday, November 18, 2022

This morning Kelly found valve boxes with the lids off at one property and all the valves were frozen so we will have to schedule that for another day.  DO NOT take the covers off your valve boxes or your valves WILL freeze.  Just make sure they are visible and not covered up by leaves, bark, boats, dog houses, car wheels, etc.

We don’t get a lot of non-cancellations, but when we do, their excuse is always, “I never heard back from you,” or, “No one called me to schedule an appointment,” or, “What daily post?” or, “What info about protecting my system?”, etc. Hmm… I guess they didn’t read that part in our terms of service that states we will contact you the night before we are to be at your location, and on the VERY FIRST LINE that states The Maintenance Shop does not schedule appointments, and then the part that says we don’t make or take phone calls during sprinkler blowouts, where to find our blog, and how to protect your sprinkler system… My bet is they lied on their form and didn’t actually read anything at all…  When people don’t read there will be a point where not being informed will end up biting them where the sun doesn’t shine. LOL

We are also getting requests from closed areas which I really don’t understand unless it’s a football game and they are throwing a Hail Mary…  The form clearly states which areas are closed and also in the drop-down for the cities that are closed…  I let them all know that we were closed to new requests in their area as stated on our form and then while I was out of my office I received ANOTHER request from one that I reminded this morning that the area is closed. More things to make you go hmmm…

Here are the routes for today: All rigs will be in the Boise 83713

Jesse with “Orange Julius”

N Chelmsford Ave
W Meadowdale Dr
N Eagle Rd
N Lusitano Ave
N Wellspring Ave
W Passage Ct
W Hazelnut St
N Noble Fir Ave
W Engelmann Dr
N Creswell Ave
W Patrina Dr
W Violet Ct
N Hickory Run Ave
N Leather Pl
N Buckboard Pl

Kelly with “Leroy”

N Buckboard Way
N Tattenham Way
N Bryson Way
N Chuckwagon Ave
N Shamrock Ave
N Tylerson Ave
W Ramrod Dr
W Freedom Dr
W Foxfire St
W Fringetree St
N Waterloo Ave
W Wittenburg St
W Goldenrod Ave
N Porsche Way

Challis with “Purple Rain”

N Candlestick Ave
W Comisky Ct
N Rothmans Ave
W Barclay St
W Guinness Dr
W Chatsworth Ct
W Stillwater Dr
W Driftwood Dr
W Gabrielle Ct
W Olympus St
W Marlinwood Dr
W Glen Ellyn Dr
N Penny Royal Pl
N Bryson Ave
W Viola Dr

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